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Hulk and Shambler (Fictorum)

Hulk and Shambler creatures created for upcoming yet to be released game Fictorum. Property of Scraping Bottom Games.

Creatures concepted, modeled and textured by myself, while trying to fit to Fictorum and the vision from Scraping Bottom.

Each about 20k tri's, 2k albedo/metal/roughness pbr textures with emissive.

Sculpted in zbrush, remeshed in 3D-coat, textured in substance painter.

Ben frazier hulk beauty 01


Ben frazier shambler beauty


Ben frazier hulk tpose 01
Ben frazier hulk tpose 02
Ben frazier hulk tpose 03
Ben frazier hulk tpose 04
Ben frazier hulk textureswatch
Ben frazier shambler tpose 01
Ben frazier shambler tpose 02
Ben frazier shambler tpose 03
Ben frazier shambler tpose 04

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